Welcome to Thundervalley Farm’s Model Horse Training Center. We currently train and compete in a variety of disciplines through The Board, also known as the All Breeds Racing Board (or simply ABRB). By navigating the menu above you can view the stats of our active and retired competitors.

We also offer breedings to these horses and many many more through our S/D list. Our listing includes sires and dams that specialize in not only in the disciplines shown here but others as well including western/english pleasure, hunter/jumper, 3-day eventing, gymkhana, halter, and many more. If you see a competitor with a parent’s name underlined that means that parent is also available on our S/D list.

Disclaimer: This is a model horse website. All horses mentioned on these pages that are owned by Thundervalley Farm are either model horses or paper identities. Any real horses mentioned are for pedigree research purposes only and are denoted with an ® symbol after the horse’s name.